Hibernian Private School is a boutique college preparatory school developing students with cross-curricular teaching, individualized attention & a culture that encourages aspiring athletes & community leaders.

Established in 2001, the emphasis from the beginning has been a low student-to-teacher ratio, facilitating unparalleled individualized learning. 

Hibernian serves grades 6-12, with postgraduate opportunities for up to two years. The school will operate under new leadership beginning June 2019.



Hibernian Private School is an academically rich learning environment designed to support each student’s individuality through the use of core academics, community engagement and empowering personal talents. Hibernian Private School offers a safe, encouraging community for our students to explore their individual talents while gaining a diverse cross area curriculum. Through this collaborative, engaging and challenging education approach we help cultivate a love of learning, and spark independence to transition our students to adulthood.




Bringing an extensive background in teaching, administration and child advocacy, Nicole will lead the academic vision, day-to-day curriculum & the individual development of each Hibernian student.


1950 Clayton Court
Fort Myers, Florida 33907
United States


+1 239 274 9600